Program Description for 2017-18

Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League

We are a club team (not sponsored by the School) that was established in 1984 and participate in the Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League.

The program is open to any 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade boy or girl in the Brunswick school district (and a few surrounding towns).  This season we are anticipating two teams; a Co-ed A Team and a Co-ed B Team. A girls only team is run by a separate organization, info for that team can be found here here.  5th grade players from Mt. Ararat may also play if there is not enough room on Mt. Ararat B & Girls teams, space dependent. 

The season consists of between 4-6 practices practices and between 12 and 14 games (mostly played on Sunday evenings)  followed by playoffs in the Spring.   The Co-ed teams have also scrimmaged area prep schools in the past, for extra non-league games. The reason we have only a few practices is that players are expected to be doing skills development with either Midcoast Jr. Polar Bears or other travel hockey teams.

The A Team will consist, primarily, of seventh and eighth graders and should be considered to be highly competitive in nature.  Further, it is important to know that team members will be expected to understand and to embrace a commitment to the team as a whole.  This will be the foundation on which the BJH hockey program will begin to build an atmosphere that will enable our players to compete at the highest level possible and to develop the skills, leadership abilities, and winning attitude that will make them valuable assets to the Brunswick High School Hockey Program in the future.  It will also be fun – because that is the basis of why they all love to play hockey.

All players are expected to attend all Brunswick Jr. High School hockey practices and games to the greatest extent possible. It’s understood that travel hockey programs are in full swing during our season. Please attend Brunswick Jr. High School games over travel practices. In a game-for-game conflict, please alternate which team takes precedence. We ask that off-season sports (like winter baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.) not take precedence over Brunswick Jr. High School hockey.

  • The A Team will play in the Hawkin or Braun – A Level (non-checking) Division of the Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League.
  • We will furnish the players with jerseys (to be returned) and hockey socks (that the kids can keep) before the first games.
  • Fees will stay the same as last year ($295 for A & $270 for B).

The B Team includes, primarily, players from the fifth and sixth grades – but can also accomodate seventh and eighth graders who are new to hockey and overflow from the A-Team.  The team is considered to be developmental in nature. Players of all skill levels are welcome.  All participants, who put forth the effort requested by the coaches, will have equal ice time, and lots of fun.

  • The B Team will play in the Ingalls or Roy – B Level (non-checking) Division of the Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League.
  • We will furnish the players with jerseys (to be returned) and hockey socks (that the kids can keep) before the first games.
  • Fees will stay the same as last year ($295 for A & $270 for B).
  • Note: there will be opportunities for some of the more skilled 6th grade players to “swing up” for number of A Team games during the season.

The Girls Team includes players from the fifth to the eighth grades.

All groups will be team oriented, with emphasis on developing a strong work ethic, team unity and “Husky Pride”.

Parents and participants will be asked to make a commitment to support the program i.e. … attendance, punctuality,  positive support of the players and coaches, and assistance to the teams at the rink (clock and scoresheet).

Fees are non-refundable.

Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League Guidelines

The League recommends the following guidelines for all member programs:

1. Provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants;
2. Provide an opportunity for all new players who wish to play hockey;
3. Provide a fair and equal opportunity for all to participate in this sport;
4. Adopt a philosophy which attempts to reduce the number who become disenchanted and drop out;
5. Provide an opportunity for those who wish to advance in a more competitive environment;
6. Provide qualified adult leadership;
7. Place a primary emphasis on the formal education of players and a de-emphasis on the excessive competition and a win-at-all-costs attitude;
8. Emphasize sportsmanship at all times.

Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League Bylaws – Last amended Fall 2015 (PDF)


Please register your player at the Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League website.

SMMSHL Registration is free and only take a moment, as the USAHockey number will populate most of the information.
This registration will not obligate you financially in any way, or commit your child to play, but it will give us an idea of who is interested in participating.



Parents, please note that for home games (sometimes other than Watson) we are required to supply the timekeeper. For away games we are required to supply the person to watch the scoresheet.

Please consider volunteering, so that we can make the program run smoothly.


The “tryout” skate will be in mid-October at Watson Arena. Details of what you will need to bring will be emailed to players who have filled out the form.

When we get closer to that tryout date, please  download the 3PDFs for this season that are on the forms section of the website, along with the USA Hockey registration form, and bring them with you to the first tryout/practice  at Watson Arena.


Players are expected to:

  • Be Punctual to all games and practices – and to let the coach know if there is a time conflict
  • Be Courteous to all fellow and opposing players, referees, and spectators.
  • Wear a mouth-gaurd at all time on the ice
  • Wear a neck-gaurd (the soft velcro-fastened ones) at all time on the ice
  • Follow Southern Maine Middle School Hockey League Guidelines


Middle School Added Rules

1) All Middle School GOALIES, must wear a GOALIE specific, neck guard.

2) All hockey pants must be wore correctly, which is not torn on the inseam, and if the pants have zippers, they MUST be zipped.

3) Please check all player helmets to make sure they have all the screws, Ear Pieces and the chin strap has a working buckle and the chin strap is no looser than 2 finger widths below the chin. The chin strap can NOT be a skate lace or a piece of tape. All player helmets must also have “J” clips, which are the plastic pieces on the side of the helmets that stop the cage from going into the players face.

4) ALL players (including goalies) must have a mouth guard

These issues will be ENFORCED from the 1st game on, no exceptions


In the unfortunate event that you are injured in any way during a practice or game, please alert any coach immediately. We will take the appropriate measures to ensure your safety. This is a serious subject, especially where concussions are concerned.

Parents, if your player is injured on the ice, please immediately make your way to the bench to confer with one of the coaches. We will always err on the side of safety in the interest of the long-term health of your player.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call 725-3139 during the day, or email

We hope we can add you to our growing list of players.

David Israel